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Weekly Prayer Sheet

Prayer at the centre of all we are and do - 12th November


Churches Together in Clevedon (CTiC)

Each week we are encouraged to pray for one of the churches in the town or one of the other associates of CTiC. This week we join in praying for:

St John's Church and for Trevor Jordan and for the Church Wardens and PCC in their working together in mission and outreach.

We pray for the Church in the School and for its mission within the school and local community.


This weekend we especially remember the conflicts that have torn nations apart and asunder.

We remember those who were and are in the thick of conflicts around the world. Up and down, and across the country young and old will pause to remember in silence.

Service men and women and veterans at war memorials and peace memorials, will keep silence.

Boys and girls, women and men on sports' fields, will keep silence. Women, men, boys and girls all over this land and beyond, will keep silence. Each will have their own thoughts.

We pray that God will speak through those moments.


We pray blessing on all those who provide leadership and direction within our church family-for Clive, Russell, Donna, Kate, Will; for Chris and Jess; for Tina, Julian, Les, Chris, Jean, David, Gill, Carolyn, Kim, Angela, Margaret.


We pray blessing on all those who serve on each of the teams - welcoming, coffee, prayer and prayer ministry, finance, music, transport, growth groups, ECC, children's and young people's groups, women's group, men's group.

We pray blessing on each one of our church family for who they are and what we mean to each other.

We pray blessing on everyone who comes into Christchurch for whatever purpose or event that each will know God's love for them.


We continue to pray for David W's full recovery from recent surgery. We pray for David E. and pray in hope and trust that he will have had a good outcome from his appointment on Thursday so that the source of his continuing pain will be found and resolved. We pray, too, for Sonia in her concern for him.

We pray for Wendy as she recovers and waits for the follow-up appointment and pray that it will be reassuring.

We continue to pray for Neil, who is making good progress after his heart surgery and we pray for a full recovery. We also pray for his daughter , Lucy, and decisions being made about her son, Connor's schooling. Give wisdom and clarity, we pray.

We pray for all those of our church family who are unwell, in hospital, having tests, waiting for results, having treatment, waiting for treatment. When our health and well being are challenged it can have a significant impact on our lives, and we can find ourselves struggling with fairly ordinary daily activities.

Lord, we bring all those who feel that life is tough at the moment. Give them an extra measure of your presence and certainty in your steadfast love, grace and mercy.


We pray for the opportunity to bring TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) coaching to St Nick's which has begun.

We continue to pray for the coaches-Kate, Pete, Will, Bethan, Geraldine, Joy, Stacey, Bev and Carolyn. As they meet each child they will be coaching and begin to create a safe and fun space for the child to visit each week may there be a real sense of the presence of God . We pray, knowing that He has gone before to prepare the place and the people. We pray, trusting in His abundant love and faithfulness.


Please contact Jean Balcombe with prayer requests

or email

Some named prayers may be excluded on privacy grounds.

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