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Prayer postcard - 23rd July 2017

As the summer unfolds and many take a sabbath rest from the normal activities of church family life and/ or work, we pray that this will be a time of rest, relaxation, refreshment and renewal. May it be a time of different experiences and growth in wisdom, understanding and love.


The news sheet is full of topics to offer to God in prayer - for his blessing, his provision and leading. Take time each day to use it in prayer.


Sovereign Lord, we bring the whole of our life together as a church family and ask that you would bless those who are young, those who are young at heart, the who wonder what all the fuss is about surrounding age, those who feel the weight of years, all who would say, 'Alas, I do not know how to speak; I am too young.' Pour out your Holy Spirit to enable, equip and encourage us all in the role, the place and time you have called us to.


When one aches, we feel their pain. We continue to pray for Geoff, an uncle of Lorna Robinson, who had a serious motorcycle crash on the Isle of Man, give thanks that he is now slowly getting up and about and well on the way to making a good recovery and has been moved to Weston Hospital.


We pray for Lorna's brother Richard who is looking to move from rehab to Andrew House. We pray that if this is the right move for him the right time for it will be clear. Lord, you know Richard's best needs keep him attune to your purposes.


We continue to pray for Heather Richards' Dad and give thanks that he has now moved to another nursing home which is more convenient for her Mum to visit and is a lovely caring, friendly and welcoming place. We continue to pray for them all and in particular that mobility issues for Heather's Dad will be resolved soon.


We pray for all those who are grieving for loved ones at this time, that they will know God's peace, strength and comfort each day.


We pray for families during the school holidays that where there is already stress this time will not be an added burden. We give thanks for the provision of lunch bags to families in particular need by the Foodbank and pray that all that would benefit from them get them. We pray for families where circumstances are different following the death of a family member - Lord, give them peace and comfort and the ability to acknowledge their loss and enjoy the time of rest from routine.


We give thanks for the various summer camps for young people, for families, for individuals, and especially give thanks for those that give their time to support them.


We pray for preparations Falcon Camp at Perrott Hill - two camps weeks commencing 30 July and 6 August. Pray for the leaders and children - for safe travel, opportunities to talk about Jesus, that all the children will have a great time and their families have a restful week and recharge their batteries. We pray for those from Clevedon that are involved.


We pray for the Hill House camps running throughout the summer holidays and again for all the leaders and young people - for safety, fun, opportunities to talk of faith and to know God's love in an amazing way.


We pray of our church family preparing for New Wine from next weekend. As they pack all that they need to take, may there be a sense of the need to leave some space to bring something back. For the rest of us let us be eager with anticipation for their return.


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Some named prayers are excluded on privacy grounds.

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