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Praying Together wherever we are - 24th September


Father, we give thanks for prayers answered with outcomes that we see as immediately positive. We pray for answers that are not quite what we expect and ask that as we remain in your love we will be faithful and trusting as you provide for all our needs.

We give thanks that Wendy Roberts has had a clear report from her surgery.

We give thanks that Claire Truckle is doing well and getting back to normal.

We pray for the ongoing recovery of Wendy Robinson's brother, Neil, following a further spell in hospital and for his daughter as she supports him and her son in his educational needs.

We give thanks for the celebration of Jean Dagnall's life on Tuesday and for Jack, John, Adrian, Julian and all their family as they continue to remember her.

We continue to pray for Geoff and Eve Cox following the death of Geoff's mother, Eve; and for John, Jason, Ali and all the family of Celia Weids (retired dinner lady and caretaker at St John's School).

God of life and love, be with all those who mourn and all those who remember loved ones at this time. May they find light in darkness, comfort in your Word in the name of Jesus, who death has conquered death.


We pray for all those who are stepping out into new situations and having to face new challenges, perhaps on their own for the first time - students leaving home and going to university, for people moving home to a new area, for people starting new jobs, for people retiring from work, for all those who are stepping into new environments. Lord, in the excitement and the novelty you know there are challenges and uncertainties. We pray that you will build them all up in their new places, that you will bring the right people around them to encourage and grow them. Above all let them know you are with them.

This week with Churches Together in Clevedon we are praying for the YMCA in Clevedon and give thanks for the work that is initiated and continues from the building in Marson Road - for the after school sessions, for the Y Friday evenings, for the staff team, trustees, volunteers and all the young people who come. There is a need for new volunteers particularly for Y Friday.

Father, you know each one's need, each one's care and you know the hearts of those who seek to serve you by serving the young people of Clevedon. You know there is a need for new volunteers, you know who you want to respond to the need. Open their hearts, open their ears to hear your word to them and open their lips to offer themselves.


(Is this you? Want to know more? - contact me - details below)

Monday also sees the third Alpha session when the subject will be the Bible and Prayer - pray for Clive as he gives the talk, for clarity and engagement - pray for the team involved in the group discussions, for wisdom and empathy - for the guests, openness and courage to ask questions. Jesus, we want all to meet with you, for real. Be amongst those who gather, we pray.


Next Sunday is the celebration of our Harvest Festival - pray this week at 5pm (set your alarm and pray for the work and mission of Christ's church through the Christchurch family) for all those who have been invited, for those we should be inviting, for those who will be involved in leading the services next Sunday and for all the preparations that there will be a warmth of love in our welcome.

Lord, as we embark on this Season of Invitation we pray we will join with you in the invitation you offer to us every day to follow you.


We pray for those who are feeling called to be Baptised ( November 2017 speak to any member of Clergy if this prompts you to explore Baptism)

Lord Jesus to witness our faith and commitment is a joy. To profess our faith openly and freely is your desire. For those who feel called and prompted by you we pray that you would give them confidence in being Baptised and may we as a congregation be ready to encourage and empower those who He is calling.


Please contact Jean Balcombe with prayer requests

or email

Some named prayers may be excluded on privacy grounds.

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