Restricted Mobility

We have two reserved disabled spaces in our car park and you can be dropped off at the North Porch, if necessary, which is accessible by a ramp rather than steps.

Our main entrance and all of our facilities are on one level directly from the car park with wide wheelchair access.

We have a fully equipped disabled toilet.

Seating is in individual chairs rather than pews and some have arms to make it easier for those with limited mobility. If you would like to remain in a wheelchair during a service we will remove a chair or two to accommodate you where you wish to sit.

The words that we use in our services are projected onto two large screens which are easily visible from all seating, but we also have copies of the songs and any words said by everyone available in large print paper versions, particularly if you wish to remain seated and aren’t in the front row.

We have a loop to aid those with hearing difficulties.

Additional Needs

If your children have additional needs and tend to be noisy or lively – we’d love to meet both you and them. No one will make a fuss and you’ll be very welcome in our children’s groups as well as in Church. We do have a small crèche area at the back of church where you can take some time out, too.