Christchurch Media Licensing

Whilst effort has been put into making this information accurate and up-to-date – the information on this webpage shall not form the basis of any legal statement or declaration.

If you have a query about Licensing for any of our Media usage you should contact

The Church’s Address used for all Licences is: Chapel Hill, Clevedon, BS21 7LL, United Kingdom. The Church is referred to as “Christ Church” (its previous name) as well as its preferred name Christchurch.

The Christchurch website is hosted by Worthers, and images and audio sermons are uploaded to the website. The website is not used to host any video content, this is uploaded to our Vimeo and YouTube accounts and embedded into the website.

Christchurch also posts images to its Facebook account.

CCLI and PRS Blanket Licensing

Christchurch has purchased License through the Christian Copyright Licensing International and Performing Rights Society.

Specifically the following blanket Licenses covering use within the Church Building, and in some cases for material on the internet:

Administrating BodyLicenceIntent*
CCLIChurch Copyright Licenceto project and print Hymns and Worship songs
CCLICopyright Licensing Agency Church Licenceto copy pages from publications such as study books, journals, magazines, children’s activity books and drama scripts
CCLIChurch Video Licenceto show films scenes during services
CCLIMusic Reproduction Licenceto copy and distribute typeset sheet music for our Worship band
CCLIPPL Church Licenceto play commercial music (e.g. CD, MP3) outside the context of religious services
CCLIPRS for Music Church Licenceto perform live music on church premises, and show films and play commercial music (e.g. CD, MP3) outside the context of religious services
CCLIStreaming Licenceto facilitate internet streaming our services both Live and Recorded
PRSLimited Online Music License (with Sync Rights)to facilitate internet streaming our services both Live and Recorded
* Licences have limitations, the expression of intent does not claim to have rights to fulfil the intent with the stated license. For full details see the CCLI website.

Purchased Licensing

We have purchased Royalty Free Licences:

We also obtained a free (Royalty Free – non commercial usage) License from Filmstro for a short music clip.

Licensing offered for Free

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the content providers on the following websites for allowing us to use their material royalty free and without cost.

These sites providing video and images for a large number of our online services, and webpages:

These sites providing audio and music segments for a few of our online services: