What are Home Groups?

If you think of the church family as a large group, a Home Group is a group of people meeting to continue growing in the Christian faith.

Home Groups give you the opportunity to meet new people, to ask the questions you didn’t want to ask on Sunday and share your thoughts on your faith with like-minded people.

Home Groups comprise between 10 and 12 people. They meet regularly, some weekly, others fortnightly, and others monthly. Each group chooses a ‘topic’ for a term (10-12 weeks). After that period, you can either stay with that group for a new topic or choose another group doing a topic that interests you more. Groups will usually meet at one of the members’ homes, though this isn’t always the case.

If you are interested in joining a Home Group, more details can be found at Christchurch or contact Carolyn Waite: 01275 340689.

Discussion Groups

  • Monday 2pm (2nd & 4th of the month) – Get to Know Your Bible Group
  • Monday 7.30pm (fortnightly) – Pyne Point Group
  • Monday 7.45pm (2nd & 4th of the month, term time only) – Women’s Bible Study
  • Tuesday 7.15pm (weekly, from 21st Sept 2021) – Castle Road Group
  • Tuesday 8.00pm (fortnightly) – Birch Group
  • Tuesday (2nd of the month) 8.00pm – Men’s Group*
  • Wednesday (3rd of the month) 8-9.30pm – Christchurch Businessmen meet at The Salthouse
  • Thursday (fortnightly) 7.30pm – All4One
  • Thursday (last of the month) 7.30pm – Fathers’ Group

Activity Groups

* Please check the Calendar page to confirm.