Alpha Course

Our next 8-week Alpha course starts on Tuesday 19th September 2023 at 7pm and will run weekly (no session on 24th October). The last session will take place on Saturday 11th November 2023.

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.

If you are interested, sign up here and we’ll be in touch nearer the time with more details.

If you’d like to find out more before signing up,
contact the church office on:
01275 871483 /

Here’s some examples of the feedback we’ve received from course participants:

“I  really enjoyed the sessions (and the cake as well!!). Although I have been a Christian for some 50 years it was really good to attend the course as it acted as a refresher course for what it means to be a Christian. I enjoyed watching the videos and the discussions afterwards and I would commend the course to both non-believers. searchers and those like me who made their commitment to God many years ago.”

what an amazing few weeks we have had on the Alpha course. An incredible journey with a lovely group of people in a safe and secure environment. We have learnt about Jesus, about how to pray, why and how we should read the bible, how we can resist evil, about Church and what it means, and above all learning about the Holy Spirit and how we could receive it. We heard some amazing testimonies from people on how accepting Jesus into their lives completely transformed them.”

I particularly feel refreshed after doing the Alpha course. It is so easy to become complacent about going to Church every week and being confident we are a good Christian but the Alpha course breathes new life into the way we look at, and understand, what being a Christian is all about.  It equips us with more knowledge and confidence on being able to go out into the community and talk to non-Christians about our faith and fulfilling Jesus’ teachings and of God’s love and amazing grace.

I particularly enjoyed the Holy Spirit day. It was uplifting learning about what the Holy Spirit is and how it empowers us. When we prayed and waited for the Holy Spirit it was awesome. Above all, the Alpha course reminded me again how much God loves us, that we are his children and the Church is our family. We are all united in God’s love.

“I found Alpha extremely encouraging. It’s been great to speak to people about their different walks & experiences of faith, build new friendships & grow in my own understanding of how God works in different people’s lives”

This was my second time at Alpha, and it has had profound effect on me. The Holy Spirit is now with me without a shadow of doubt

“I met caring people who were there to support me at a difficult time in my life, also I hope I shared a bond with the group and was there to encourage questions and share knowledge and faith in a comfortable setting”