Bags of Hope

Helen, Sarah, Jo and Hannah have conquered technology, shopping restrictions and government guidelines to put together ‘bags of hope ‘ for 8 vulnerable and struggling families in Clevedon.

We’ve been able to bless them with a roll of Christchurch’s toilet roll (not currently required at Christchurch!) fruit juice, squash, fresh eggs donated by a local farm, a bunch of daffodils that Tesco were giving away, and most importantly, ingredients and a recipe sheet for a family 2-course meal.

The bag also had some fun activities and games.

The team had a lot of fun and feel really privileged to be able to do this even though a lot of creative thinking has been required!

Please pray for these families and the 18 children within them that these bags will bring hope and they will get a sense of Gods love and care. Please pray for the team as we do it all again this coming week so that these families can have some Easter treats and we can share an essence of what Easter is really all about.