Sunday Services

Sunday 25th November

10.30am Morning Worship with Holy Communion led by Clive Jennings and Andy Clasper. 3.00pm Bereavement Service Come with family and friends, light a candle as your loved one(s) name is read out. As we enter Advent and approach Christmas we take this time to remember those who have passed on. 8.00pm Christ in Quiet  

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Sunday 6th October

HARVEST 10.00am – FACT -Families at Christchurch for young children 11.15am – Harvest Celebration with Communion and Prayers for Healing led by David Eggleston and Clive Jennings This year we will be collecting donations of food for local charities at our Harvest services. Tins and packets are great but no fresh food please! Bring your gifts to church with you or drop them off during the week.

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