Christchurch Christmas Tree Festival 2021

Saturday 27th November 10am-6pm, Sunday 28th November 1-5pm

The Christmas Tree Festival of 2021 was a great success  – the atmosphere was amazing, and it was so encouraging to see people from across the community coming into Christchurch. It felt like we were re-connecting with people after the last 18-months, putting Christchurch back on the map and at the very heart of our community. There were so many positive conversations and we raised just over £2,400 for Clevedon YMCA, Care for Uganda, Uganda Concern UK and for Christchurch’s work in the community. 

The tree voted the most favourite tree was 1st Clevedon Cubs with their Feed the Birds with Zero Waste tree – a brilliant innovative Christmas Tree. 

Thank you to all the many people who contributed to the Festival in different ways.