Christmas Lunches

Well, Christmas is just around the corner…

I don’t know about you but even though I love Christmas I am feeling a bit anxious as I know that it will look very different this year.  We hope that Christmas is a time when people experience some joy, but even in non-Covid times we realise that Christmas can be a hard time for people for all sorts of reasons. We know that a lot of people this year from both our Church family and our local community will probably not be able to travel as they usually do to see friends and family.

This will mean that cooking a Christmas lunch will be a bit of a struggle for them or they may well be on their own this Christmas. 

In recent years, churches like St Andrew’s have provided a lovely community Christmas lunch for those on their own, but this will be either difficult to do this year or will not be able to happen because of Covid restrictions.  So, as part of the family here at Christchurch, we want to help with this & for no one to be left without a Christmas lunch on Christmas Day. 

SO…..WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!! 

1)  Do you live in Clevedon and the surrounding area and are planning to cook Christmas lunch anyway for you and your family…. could you cook another portion or two and deliver it to someone local? This would be an amazing, and practical, way to show God’s love, and be a blessing to our wider family at Christchurch as well as to maybe a lonely friend or neighbour. 

If you can do this, we would be SO grateful – please contact the church office so we can add you to our Christmas lunch delivery database (if it’s also possible for you to cater for any dietary requirements – vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or alcohol free etc– please let us know).  

2) Do you know of anyone from the church family (or beyond) who is going to struggle to make Christmas lunch and/or are on their own? Please let us know so that we can arrange for them to receive a Christmas meal. 

3) Are you going to be on your own on Christmas day or will you be at home rather than visiting your family & could benefit from a Christmas lunch delivery?

If so, please contact the church office ASAP so we can organise this for you (please also let us know of any dietary requirements e.g. gluten free, alcohol free, vegan, vegetarian etc).  

Could responses to any of these requests please reach the church office ASAP and by Sunday 13th December at the very latest.

Suzy & the Christchurch team