Living Life To The Full

There is a course currently underway, but you can find general course details below and a link to the next course, which starts on Thursday, 19th September 2024.

The course is free and is open to everyone. Sign up for our next Living Life To The Full course HERE or contact the church office: 01275 871483.

Living Life To The Full is a course that equips us to be mentally fit and healthy. Across eight sessions, participants learn how to engage principles and skills that combine cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with Christian spirituality.

We explore things like anxiety and depression, building inner confidence and handling anger. We look at what’s going on inside us when we experience these things so we can understand more clearly how we operate as human beings with thoughts and emotions. In so doing, we learn how to process our thinking and feeling more effectively. It’s about learning how to help ourselves, and how to help others.

The core material, which is used extensively both in the UK and worldwide, is written by Dr Chris Williams, who is an Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow.

Over 1.5 million copies of the LLTTF book are in print. The online version is the Number 1 recommended web-based course in stress, anxiety and depression by NHS Mental Health Trusts in England, and the LLTTF website receives over 25 million hits every year.

Besides being a world authority on CBT, Chris Williams is also a Christian, and he’s written a version of the course which incorporates Christian discipleship themes.

LLTTF is really practical, and is open to all. It makes no assumptions about where participants are at in terms of their faith or mental health. Whether you are a Christian or not, the material is relevant to anyone and everyone because it’s all about engaging with how we do our thinking, and how we process our thoughts and emotional responses to everyday situations.

Learning how to think more clearly, how to become more resilient, how to worry less – these are things that are important to all of us, regardless of our faith position and regardless of the extent with which we struggle with stress or low mood.

This course runs two or three times a year. Contact the church office for further information.



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