New Benefice of Christchurch

On the 26th February 2018 Christchurch has been afforded Benefice status within the Diocese of Bath and Wells  with Revd Clive Jennings being inducted as the  Vicar of the new Benefice of Christchurch Clevedon.

Clive was inducted by the Archdeacon of Bath and the Revd Donna Wilkie was similarly licensed as curate of Christchurch.

The creation of  a new  Christchurch Benefice within  the Diocese of Bath and Wells will bring little change to the what has been for many years a thriving and innovative Methodist/Anglican Ecumenical Partnership, it’s life, mission, outreach and growth.  It will however clarify matters within the wider Anglican Church setting.

We give thanks to God for this innovative and exciting part of our continued and evolving ministry of  our Church and for every member of our Church family.

We give thanks too for our past within the life of the United Benefice and pray for Revd Trevor Cranshaw and the congregations at St Andrews and St Peters as they start their new journey as a Benefice together.