New Wine Discipleship Year

Based at St Michael’s Bristol with placements in local churches. Christchurch is one of the many churches involved this year.
For more information click on the image below, visit or get in touch with us in the Christchurch office to arrange a chat with Clive Jennings.

The NWDY is a one year course for those aged 18-24, starting in September, but it is so much more than just a gap year. It’s all about growing as disciples of Jesus and learning how to serve him and his Kingdom with the whole of your life, for the whole of your life. You will spend time serving and learning on a ministry placement at a local church – there are loads of different churches (including Christchurch) and ministry placements in all sorts of different ministry areas, from worship to youth work to creative media.

Every Thursday you’ll meet with everyone else on the DY at St Michael’s and spend some time in worship, prayer and we’ll invest in you with some amazing teaching sessions, led by an exciting list of speakers and teachers.

You’ll also get to go on 2 National NWDY residentials, which happen in October and January. This is a great chance to meet other DY students and learn from each other.