Principles of Leadership and Work

Principles of Leadership and Work

Sunday 13th June 2021

Our message is “Principles of Leadership and Work” given by Clive Jennings and our reading is Nehemiah 2:11-18;3:1-12 (with references to Luke 22:26, Matthew 28:18-22).

The third in our series looking at Nehemiah. This week we explore how Nehemiah led by God, motivated a diverse range of people with little or no skills in construction, to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

We think today of area’s in our Church life, society and community that need rebuilding after the devastation of the last 15 months and we ask the Holy Spirit to come and gather us as one to enable that rebuilding and gathering to take place for those we are called to serve.

If God has laid on your heart to rebuild your life and discipleship in order to serve others, then Nehemiah’s message may give you the encouragement you need.


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