There are a number of ways you can serve both the Church and our local community.

Make Lunch Café

A place where families can help themselves to a selection of food items, including fresh fruit and vegetables donated by FareShare in Bristol city centre.

We welcome volunteers able to help setup tables, and guide people, as well as help prepare food.

In particular, we need volunteers who are able to pick up food from Bristol each Thursday at 1pm and delivered / unloaded at Christchurch. If you think you could help collect this delivery every now and then on a rota basis, and have a reasonably sized vehicle, we’d be VERY grateful for your help! Cool bags will be provided and expenses paid.

Contact Helen Davis via the Church Office.

Web Designer & Developer

We are also looking for somebody who has a flair for website design and is able to help update the Christchurch website. This includes designing graphics and potentially some video and photography work.

Hosted by a local firm, we are currently using WordPress but investigating other options for potentially a relaunch later this year. Any help and creativeness for this will be very welcome.

Contact James Covey-Crump via the Church Office.