Providing Content for Christchurch Services

If you have any questions or queries contact James Covey-Crump at

If it is a picture, document or a small audio file you are welcome to sent it us through email using the address (click on the image on the right).

Please note that email has a limit of 10 MegaBytes which means you can only send a few images, documents or a single audio file using that method.

For large files such as videos, or for multiple files, we recommend using WeTransfer.

Click on the image on the left, accept the terms and conditions, and you’ll be presented with a form to upload your files.

Click the blue circle with + to select the files to upload. You’ll need to provide your email address and a short message describing what you are sending.

Files should be sent to however, this should be filled out automatically for you.

Alternatively, you can also send large files via Dropbox (click on the image on the right).

Click on the blue “Add files” box to select the files to upload. Provide your name and email, and click “Upload”.

You don’t need a dropbox account.

Of course, you are welcome to send us files by other means.
Just email us the link at

Here are just a few key points if you are Recording Video

If possible record at Video Quality 1080p, but if you don’t know what that is don’t worry about it!
The content and your delivery of it is far more important than video quality.

Our projectors are like TVs.
To avoid large black bars, please video horizontally.

Remember to smile at the start and the end of the video.

Avoid us looking up your nose!

The camera is elevated, so Kate and Martha don’t look down on it. There is a little distance, so we can reframe it if needed.

They have something in the background to add some interest.

They have left room for Subtitles and Name Captions.

Due to licensing complications – please avoid any background music in your recording.

It is easily added during editing, and you are welcome to make suggestions.

The MOST Important!

Please don’t rush to start and stop the recording otherwise, we will see you reaching for the camera in the final video and it’ll look rushed.

Wait two seconds before and after, enough time for a smile!

We’ll remove the rest by editing the video.