Welcome to our Sunday Service.

In a busy world with many demands on us, today we are encouraged that in order to listen to God it’s important to Slow Down and Soften Up.

This is week 8, our penultimate week, of our series on Prayer. The book we are following is “How to Pray” by Pete Greig and is available at bookstores, as an audio book or on kindle. Visit https://prayercourse.org/ to explore further.


“Listening” by Clive Jennings.

Led by Russ Herbert, and our reading is Acts 9:10-19a given by Paul Evans.

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  • get Advice from an experienced Christian friend
  • read your Bible to check it aligns with God’s word
  • apply Common Sense

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Led by Ashlee Carter.

We lift our voices and hearts to you, and may we join together with one another as we come to the table of our Lord.

We thank you for your provision in a time where the world can offer so much. We come to you with our hearts beating prepared to listen. Thank you that you invite us into a daily communion with you. We do not have to rely upon yesterday’s provision or worry about tomorrow. It is today that you invite us to sit with you and eat, and offer this to us with each new day.

Thank you that you feed us, care for us, encourage us and counsel us. Where our minds may be burdened by the things of this world, would you bring us daily peace and would your bread, wine and oil bring renewed strength. Where things are out of our control, may we step into your rest. Just as you took rest in the creation of the world, may we acknowledge the importance of this and step back from business to rest with you. While we rest with you, may our ears be inclined to your word and your promptings. May we soften our hearts to your love.

We thank you for the church and our community, that in a time where we truly needed to ‘go out into the world’ we have responded to that calling. Now as we look to gather in the near future, may you give us the faith and wisdom as to how to do this responsibly and may you mould it. We will not rush, just as you have planned all things. We will not be angry, just as you give us grace. We will mourn when old things and ways change but give us grace to understand that change must happen. May you shape how we encounter you, at home, in our community and with our church family.

We thank you for our brothers and sisters across the world. Be with them and guide them in each new day. Where some may be persecuted, may we give thanks as they rely upon you as their strength. Where some may be downtrodden and wearied, may they rise in your joy. For those that are in positions where their decisions affect vast groups of people, would they consider you in their thoughts and pass off the titles they have been given by the world and come to you as your children. Would their decisions bring hope and not despair, and where despair slips in would you offer hope.

As we continue to carry your light, may those that see this be curious of you? Would we be confident in you and know your joy as our strength? May we handle word and spirit with grace, truth and love. That our actions would not be of works, but actions that you desire for us. Thank you that your love is first. In creation, you loved. In the flood, you loved. In the exodus, you loved. All the way to your son Jesus on the cross, you have loved, but only through him could we see the full weight of your love. Would you refine us with your love? Thank you that you are all-sufficient and we may stand in awe of you.

And as we pray that we will be changed through more faithful prayer each day, we are privileged to pray the words that Jesus taught his disciples to use:

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power,
and the glory are yours
now and for ever.


Prayer Ministry and Support

Whilst personal prayer is powerful, sometimes words fail us and it can be helpful to have others pray with you and for you. The contact for the Prayer Sheet and Prayer Chain is Jean Balcombe:  prayer@christchurch-clevedon.org.uk 07810 027820

We have a prayer wall on the car entrance to the church if it helps you to declare your prayer for others to pray it with you.

For practical help, there is still a large group of volunteers across Clevedon to help those vulnerable and self-isolating – Clevedon Aid.

Please keep in touch with your Christchurch family, even if it just to say hello. If you need connecting drop an email to our Church Administrator, Kathryn on admin@christchurch-clevedon.org.uk.